Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Notes on Nothing 1.0

In an attempt to write more often, even when i have nothing to say ("the manifesto of bloggers" -- especially political ones), I have decided to yammer on for a paragraph or two (thanks to the feeb's prodding). Today is an unfortunate day to begin as I'm in a lousy mood, and a bit under the weather. I'm both notoriously patient and famously intolerant. I've been yelling at every at work today. I become such a stereotypical New Yorker when I'm at the office -- loud, insulting, vulgar. I think the co-workers enjoy it to a point -- if you go to the zoo, you want to see the tiger shred a basketball, not nap on his paws.

Luckily, I have my iTunes to soothe my savage breast. Jim Ford plays now. He was a huge influence on Nick Lowe. I've also been listening to Paul Williams lately. It's the production mostly, the soft-seventies. Gentle strings, tinkling piano, and fat bass.

Back to work. My paid chores. Soulless toiling. Etc., etc...