Friday, September 23, 2005

They Are On My Mind

My Favorite Band. I bet you didn't know that. Of course, I'm talking to those who know me. Otherwise, why would you know? Or not know, as it stands. There's something about Buddhism my philosophy teacher told me about how first, we "don't know". Then we "know." But someday, approaching enlightenment, we will realize that we "not know." Or something. Anyway, I just listened to this album. And drank a few beers. It's fucking great. Listen to "Love Me Not Tomorrow." Fucking gold. Great. Great! The lead singer, Bev, has the greatest voice I've ever heard.

Great's a funny word, now that I've written it a number of times. Great, great, great. Sounds funny. Like what Jon Lovitz said on an episode of Third Rock from the Sun, I think: "Tartlets, tartlets, tartlets. There -- the word has lost all meaning." Or something like that.

I did say "a few beers", right.

Right. Anyway, best band...ever!