Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Resurfacing of the Lantern Fishworks

Where did I go? Nowhere really. It's the Internets -- it is seemingly eternal.

The Internets spreads you thin though, doesn't it? I Facebook, Twitter, Blip, Blog; I've got multiple email accounts; I mess around with the phone apps... And that's a full day. It's hard to maintain one voice in one place. It's improbable I ever will again. Still, I hope to give more attention to the Fishworks again. It is, after all, an outlet for my writings. And since I tell everyone, through my teeth, I'm a writer, I might as well back up that semi-falsehood a bit.

So check back and check back often (not too often!!!). And don't forget to visit my Facebook, Twitter, Blip and various other websites and blogs!

Get bored outta yr skull...and beyond!