Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anchorage by Michelle Shocked

Hey, I'm back! With something enlightening to say? No, just a video. I forgot about this song until today (and now I've forgotten why I remembered it -- something on the internets, certainly...)

Strangely, this song never occurred to me during the last election. Just listen.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If for One Certain Moment in History I Was God in the Judeo-Christian System 1.0

This was rejected by the Long island Catholic.

Irene and I were discussing siblings vs. friends, or something, and I said Jesus didn’t have any family.

Irene: What about Mary & Joseph? Or God – the ultimate father! You know, He so loved the world, He had His Son die on the cross to show us.

Me: Yeah, thanks, Pop! Listen, sure, that was good, but if I were God, I would have sent a musical card.

I: What?

M: Like, here’s how much I love you, and mail everyone a musical card, maybe with the Theme from Love Story playing.

I: Love is never having to say you’re sorry.

M: Exactly. This is two thousand years ago – you get a card like that and, number one, you don’t know that song, even the structure is unfamiliar; and 2, where’s the music coming from? Everyone’s standing around like, what’s going on?

What is that, a chip? maybe someone asks.

No, jumps in an apothecarist, it’s a miracle is what it is! See how good the Lord is!

Jesus, have you seen what the Lord has given us?

Jesus says, I like it, wiping his brow.

Years later, he opens up a Saturn dealership.