Monday, July 12, 2010

A Joke 1.0

Adam: We had a schizophrenic cat.

Me: It had 18 lives?

Fishwork Scavenging 1.0

Cataloging some jottings scattered over the dozens of notebooks...


In a dream, I encounter God. He says, "I am not God." Great. So what am I supposed to say?

"Oh, don't say that? Of course you're God... you're GOD!"

But he wasn't angling for a compliment or reassurance. He was quite matter-of-fact.

"I'm not God."

He lit a cigarette, threw the match down. It was still hot when it landed on his sneaker and melted the tip.

"Oh, great!" he bellowed in frustration. (He said he wasn't God but he was a very big fellow.)

He got on his Huffy and left.

Thongs for Nothing

I'm thinking about writing a play about Alexander Trocchi:

Narrator: He pimped his wife.
Trocchi: Well, I did other things, too!