Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Some Imagination, Huh?"

I'm back! Probably didn't even think I was gone. Just thought I was being sloth-like again. Well, I was both.

Zee honeymoon is over! (vacation-wise, at least). Where've I been? Disneyland, you cheerless jackass! My wife and I drove down to Anaheim then back up through San Francisco, where we stayed for a few days as well.

Here I am, levitated by sheer joy, in front of the Toon Town library (curiously, it wasn't open...)

What else did I do? Why, the happiest frigging stuff on earth!

Now back to my Optimator Spaten. Gotta catch up -- there's no alcohol in Disneyland (crap, I had to walk 100 feet over to Downtown Disney for some booze!)