Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Croc of Shit

I'm listening to Guided By Voices at work. Doesn't everyone? There's a line in "Quality of Armor" off the Propeller lp that sums up my notion of large-headed talking head Sean Hannity, whose show I had the displeasure of sampling last night as he whined at his college professor for giving him a bad final grade (he claimed he recieved the low score because he extolled the virtues of Reagan -- too bad Hannity wasn't a Central American farmer -- to his socialist instructor).

"Waah, I face discrimination for being a Republican... "

Douche bag. I suspect, as his college professor tried to explain over Hannity's interruptive whining and mugging, that he recieved the grade because that was the best his school work could generate. (The professor said he wished he could have given him a lower grade.)

How does a guy with such a big head and a pathetic nostomania of the dreadful 80s ever get laid? (This is not a reference to Psaur)

Even more pathetic than Hannity's show and notions, is the fact that anyone (me) even acknowledges him. He is a dinosaur, indeed. But still walking the earth. More like the alligator, ancestor of the saurians. With that gargantuan reptilian head.

A disgrace to Irishmen everywhere!

Absolute bollix!

Oh yeah, that GBV line. It's:

"The best defense is belligerence." The armor of the ignorant.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Did I Mention The Feebs?

No, but Seattle Weekly did in their announcement of the opening film of the STIFF Film Festival on June 2. The film, One Night in Portland, features the music of The Feebs, and received the "Most Kickass" award in the festival.

And be sure to visit The Feebs on My Space now! Report to Paneltown, you jackanapes!