Monday, October 11, 2010

From the Archives: Cup of the Kings Poster

Cup of the Kings was the working title for the film The Unearthing of the Grail. Which remains unearthed. And unproduced. I think, maybe, there's some footage. TUOTG was Homemade Productions follow-up to their hit 8mm, Oyster. Not a Raiders of the Lost Ark rip-off, Jeff & Paul, helmsmen, were using Lucas' characters. So it was a sequel, or maybe prequel. Anyway, it never came together. And I doubt I ever even showed the producers my poster. Actually, I probably did, as I was a glutton for punishment in those days. What days? 1982, I guess? '83? Help me out here. The aborted filming did yield a few photos, including the one below.

It was cold as shit, at least to a twerp like me. I think we scouted out this location near Bobby's, somewhere off Washington Ave. Who can remember, right?