Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's Funny Cuz It's True...

President's Remarks at Victory 2002 Event
Remarks by the President to the Republican Party of Texas
Victory 2002 and Cornyn for Senate Luncheon
Hyatt Regency Hotel

Dallas, Texas March 28, 2002
12:15 P.M. CST

"You know, when I was campaigning in Chicago, in the general election, somebody said, would you ever deficit spend? I said, well, only if we were at war, or there was a national emergency, or we were in a recession. Little did I realize we'd get the trifecta." (Laughter.)

I know this is an oft-blogged quote, but it never loses its punch with me. I call the "culture of life" the "culture of laugh!"

Love & Chuckles,

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

How to Properly Introduce an Irradiated Lizard

Part Two of my early poetry unearthings finds me dabbling in such poetic forms as the cinquain and limerick. Why I referred to the classic Japanese monster this way, I don't know. But it does jive with my Long Island accent and its peculiarities where pronunciation is concerned.

We Were Better Off Uncensored

I came across two books of poetry I had written as class asignments in 4th Grade (that'd put it at early 1979). One collection was an alphabetical history of America. Judging from these 26 poems, I did not have -- or was not offered -- a full telling of our nation's past (there seemed to be a pre-occupation with inventions). But I really appreciate now my morbid synopsis of World War II. I imagine that these days I'd instead be counseled rather than applauded for my understanding (a small green "A" was etched into my tweed-like cover by Mrs. Zarwin).

Thursday, July 21, 2005

What Happened?

I wonder often (well, when I've had a few beers -- OK, often): could I have taken another route, career-wise? Should I perhaps have even chosen a career, rather than a job? I'd like to view my missed opportunities, experience alternate possibilities...

But really, I know: nothing else was ever to be. My sloth, my ennui too often trumps my verve. My zest, if you will. And if you won't? Well, you can go screw like the rest of them.

It comes down to this: I used to like raisins. Now I don't.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

There Has Always Been The Feebs...

Guh? You haven't heard of the Feebs? Holy crap. Best band ever. And I should know. How? Don't you ever f-ing question me! Go here to read about the Feeb and buy his compilation I'm Afraid of Life on CDBaby. Or go to one of these online resources for digital downloads (the wave of the future.) And yeah you gotta pay:

Audio Lunchbox
Sony Connect


MSN Music

The Feebs are also available through these services:


I don't know if any or all these places are run by corporate fascists, etc. What are you gonna do? It's America. Home of the Feebs!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pigs, pigs, pigs... my pal Harry Carbohydrate used to mutter as a child at the neighbors.

Remember when the government wasn't exclusively run by pigs? Remember when it was only mostly governed by pigs? When was that? Was that a long time ago?

Look at this crew we're tormented by now: The seal of this administration, I believe, should be a scene from Androcles and the Lion, where Androcles represents the nebbishy losers (socially retarded, but propogandistically gifted), and the lion symbolizes the popular blockheads (not "readers," but charismatic to the general populace).

The "gratitude of noble souls" angle is solely shared by these two exclusive groups.

And now Androcles whispers in the lion's ear a seemingly endless list of poor bastards doomed to be pricked with the fortuitous thorn.

What has the thorn represented these last five years? Missiles, bills, cabinet appointments, bombs, lies -- jesus christ, don't forget the lies (you will -- you will forget the lies; there are no lies) -- budget cuts, napalm, misappropriations of funds, etc.

I'm weak on articulate rhetoric, and am easily distracted in my research, and so rely on the opinions and information of others I have deemed trustworthy. Meaning check out Alternet or The Huffington Post or The Majority Report (or dozens of other vigilant sites) for what I believe to be more trustworthy news reporting than the network news and other mainstream outlets.

I'm best at the scathing retort and the insulting description.

Like calling the present administration pigs. The whole f-ing lot of them. And why wouldn't I? What could I possibly be but an enemy to them? Nevermind action, just the very notion of disagreeing with the government today I believe is considered treasonous.

Oh, and an affront to the new Jesus they keep hinting at. You know, the new Jesus I find almost completely unrecognizable from the catechism and missalettes of my youth. Make no mistake -- I've certainly strayed from the politics and dogma of the Catholic Church I was raised in, but I've hardly forgotten the teachings of Jesus. I just no longer sully the essence of them by laminating his life with the literal translation of "Son of God." Or other literal translations.

In my opinion. Obviously.

I've strayed a bit, but to reiterate in a base fashion: They're pigs.

Oh Yeah, I Forgot I Had a Blog

What have I been up to? Who am I asking? Well, I went to the store today. I bought a Heaven 17 CD. Yeah, that's right. And a bottle of Jim Beam. Green label. "Choice."

Let me go.