Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shaboo Shabat!

Boil the silverware! It's Pesach! Let's do a Partial Hallel -- my wine glass is empty! Then we'll all point at the roasted shank bone!

Watch and enjoy this while I look for the afikoman!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Over Their Pointy Heads

I'm getting tired of getting frustrated and angry with the government for their alternating bouts of impotence then malice towards their citizens. The ideals of government service never seem to be exhibited out of a grade school classroom. The Federal Government is the valhalla of vicious opportunists. And that's it!

I said that's it! Those motherfuckers...

Ah, but that was the old me. The dope. The rube. We can't find justice in this world or peace in our time through the obstructions of world governments.

The People must reach out to the People. Nation to nation. Citizen to citizen. Worker to worker.

There's talk of a war with Iran. Jesus fucking Christ! Nobody needs that. It sure as shit won't solve any bullshit problems the governments have been dreaming up.

It'll just kill us all.

Iran, the country (not their government, it would appear) is on the verge of becoming a hip place. The youth of Iran, I hear, are interested in what's been dubbed "western culture" (that's not cowboys and indians, but rather, the world you and I live in). The embrace of western ideals in no way means the death of eastern principles. "Western culture" I consider (despite my bias) the culture of progress, of foresight, of perhaps even world peace, through the opportunities of open and highly-accessible communication.

I mean, if we all start blogging, for instance (although god forbid), that doesn't disallow the practice of Islam or Buddhism or Hinduism. Most of the "western world" practices Christianity, which is just as archaic as others religions, but it doesn't stop anyone from texting a frowny face to a bored co-worker.

I don't know. I just think we should ignore our governments when they try to oppress us with false fears and when they try to fool us or terrorize us into hating the rest of the world.

Because there is no "rest of the world" anymore. There's "the world." And we're all on it. And the governments' answer to disagreements and misunderstandings is to blow the shit out of "them."

And since their "them" is us, we're all "them." So we're all "us." (Try not to follow my "logic" too closely -- you know what I fucking mean!)

What I'm trying to say is that the whole world should just get together to talk about last night's episode of "The Office."

This world needs a common watercooler. And shit.

And no, I'm not drunk!